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Postby pizzarios » Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:45 am

Hello all.

I had my cracker jack 3T MRI done locally. Showed Osteitis Pubis and Scaral Hemangioma at 4th and 5th level. Whatever that means. The OP does on account for all the burning stabbing urethral/vulva pain. Perhaps for the hop and low back pain, but not the nerve pain. I am not satisfied with this finding. Been in PT with PN therapist for past 2+ months with only ONE session of relief. Time to move on. I have questions for you all.

1) Does the Potter MRI expose hip labral tears? (old territory I know)

2) Does the ineffectiveness of PT indicate that I am entrapped? (I know Potter will shed more light on this, but it may be a while before I can take that step for $ reasons)

3) Uro suspects possible diverticula or urethra. I suspect also a urethral caruncle because the burning nerve pain comes from a skin-tag-like structure on the rim of my urethra. This tissue was not there before the birth of my second son. The pain started 5 months after his birth...This burning piece is not a "typical" caruncle, as shows on google search images, but does look pink on inside and "blush" when its touched. This thing was noted first by my PT who had never seen anything like it. Both my gyno and uro took quick glances at it and dismissed it outright...they didn't really inspect it at all. Do I march back in there and demand a biopsy?? Just need some advice.

4) Uro ordered the MRI but wants to do a cystoscopy to rule out the diverticula etc.I am terrified of this procedure as I have the worst urethral flare right now and it has been going on for 3 weeks non stop. Will this procedure really set me back in terms of pain? Is it worth it to rule out the diverticula even though the MRI didn't specifically indicate that??

5) last but not least, would the Potter MRI be able to point me the right direction in terms of a PN surgeon/specialist who'll be best suited to treat the area she seas is "entrapped" or whatever ? I want to see the right person, obviously..

Thanks all.
Not officially diagnosed. Pain began following MANY typical pn causing activities.
Intermittent IC type pain started 5/20/2012
Urologist said IC - did diet, meds etc with no improvement
Constant pn type pain and burning started 7/1/2012
Gp rx gabapentin & lidocaine, no improvement
Started PT 7/23/2012. pelvic MRI that showed osteitis pubis. PT miofascial on inguinal & psoas, pn pain greatly reduced. hip joint/lumbar pain started. 12/20/2012 - Hip MRA shows labral damage.
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Postby janetrossi » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:51 am

hello ... please can you tell me where to visit now Dr. Potter?
I talked more 'times with HSS and I can do the MRI but I can not see before and after the doctor.
I have a strong pudendal neuropathy and you can imagine how difficult it is to fly from Italy.
So I would like to see (maybe in his private studio, not 'a problem if I have to pay extra) the doctor before and after the resonance, and above all be safe for her to write the report, and that it is present during the MRI.

Can you please help me find her ..?
L 'HSS does not want to say anything more', and not want to give the email address or phone number of the Potter .... say they do not know anything ......

Thank you very much

PS I thought as an alternative to the neurography by Filler, to have two different exams and actually 'I do not understand what is the best for me ... (I bloks damage ......)

Thanks .... janet
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