Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

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Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

Postby healinfeelin » Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:07 pm

Hello all

Im new here, having some horrible pain issues.

Basically after trawling the internet for hours Iv come to realise the best investigation to have done is the 3T MRI under Dr Potter.

What is the best most comprehensive investigation scan etc that I can have done here in the UK, or possibly europe??? Is there such a thing where we can have a scan done here then sent to Dr Potter for interpretation. Ultimately which method is the best for us to find out exactly what is going on, whether it be be scarred tissue, entrapment, ligamnets, varices etc.

Im having a normal lumber/sacral MRI done soon on the NHS. Could this shed any light? Is there anything I should mention before the scan?

Thankyou for any replies.
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Re: Best most comprehensive diagnostic pelvic scan in the UK

Postby helenlegs 11 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:44 am

Hi healin',
Think I have answered much of this question on another post of yours. Unfortunately it isn't possible to send a scan (from anywhere) to Dr Potter for a report.

There are a few reasons why having a scan done isn't the be all and end all scenario at the moment anyway. I think that because the MRI has given so many great advances in spinal imaging and diagnosis we assume that the same will be true of a pelvic nerve problem but there are more nerves to be considered in the pelvis and quite a few areas prone to 'irritation', nerves are very difficult to see, especially the smaller ones even with current advances. This neurological imaging is still evolving.
The best way to get a diagnosis is from a hands on clinical examination by a pelvic nerve pain specialist. Many PN doctors say that inquiring about a patients history and the onset of problems, is an important part of the clinical examination, which obviously imaging can't provide.
Take a look at your other post (if you haven't already) hopefully there is enough info there. Ask any other questions you want to, if I can help I certainly will and obviously there are lots of other people here with a wealth of knowledgeable information. Quite excited about having someone local :D (tiny things etc ;) )
Fall 2008. Misdiagnosed with lumber spine problem. MRN June 2010 indicated pudendal entrapment at Alcocks canal. Diagnosed with complex variant piriformis syndrome with sciatic, pudendal and gluteal entrapment's by Dr Filler 2010.Guided piriformis botox injection 2011 Bristol. 2013, Nerve conduction test positive; new spinal MRI scan negative, so diagnosed for the 4th time with pelvic nerve entrapment, now recognised as Sciatic, pudendal, PFCN and cluneal nerves at piriformis level.
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