Gluteus Maximus Pain

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Gluteus Maximus Pain

Postby mesquite » Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:44 am

I've had pain in my left glute ever since I have the PNER surgery 7 years ago. I"ve had women's and MFR P.T. which helped to a low-medium degree. I also had Botox injections which helped quite a bit but each injection less so to the point where I stopped 1.5 years ago. My neurologist had a MRI done last summer which showed that the Gemmulus and Obturator Internus muscles had atrophied. Dr. Hibner claimed no responsibility as he said neither muscles were involved in P.N. I can't take narcotics and I've failed all other new breakthrough pain meds due to their side effects. I am on Morphine Rectal suppositories and Neurontin which give me some relief. My pain mgt. doctor thinks the tendons connecting the OI to the sacraltuborosity may be at play but that is only part of the issue. I rarely sit down due to the horrible pain. But, I have pain upon standing, also, stooping, exercising, etc. The vaginal burning also returned last year and I use Senergy's Biomodulator's vaginal probe to relieve the pain. It's the only thing that has worked. But, it doesn't help the OI or Gemellus muscle pain.
Has anyone ever dealt with situation? It is getting worse and rest doesn't help for some odd reason. Thanks.
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