Dr. Aradillas - Pain due to autoimmune disease

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Re: Dr. Aradillas - Pain due to autoimmune disease

Postby nyt » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:23 pm

TCB, I'll ask and send you a PM.

When you log in you will see up on the top left the words "User Control Panel ( new messages). It will show you how many new messages you have. When there is a number there above zero just click on the "New Messages" and then you will be able to read what was sent and reply.
2/07 LAVH and TOT 7/07 TOT right side removed 9/07 IL, IH and GN neuropathy 11/07 PN - Dr. Howard
6/08 Obturator neuralgia - Dr. Conway 11/08 Disability, piriformis syndrome - Dr. Howard
4/09 Bilateral obturator decompression surgery, BLL RSD - Dr. Howard
9/10 Removed left side TOT, botox, re-evaluate obturator nerve - Dr. Hibner
2/11 LFCN and saphenous neuralgia - Dr. Dellon 2/11 MRI with Dr. Potter - confirmed entrapment
5/11 Right side TG - Dr. Hibner 2012 Left side TG - Dr. Hibner
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