New to site and need some guidance

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New to site and need some guidance

Postby Anisha_d87 » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:40 pm

Hi guys
My name is anisha and im from leicester.
I came across this site as i was looking for reasons why i have pelvic pain.
I will try and be as thorough as possible in this message and hope to gain some opinions.

So 4 weeks ago i was intimate with my partner and upon penetration my vulva started to hurt. The pain subsided.
Within 2 weeks i started feeling this dull cramping sensation, vulva pain frequent urination and thought it was my period however this was not the case.
Within days i was finding it difficult sitting down and my tailbone started to hurt,i saw a gynaecologist who said it could be vulvadynia . I did a lot of research before i visited the gyno and I suspected she would say vulvadynia. Im not experiencing any burning( yet) however 2 days ago I noticed that my legs were very jelly like and my arms feel very numb and jelly like,im finding it hard to grip things without effort.
I rang the nhs and they advised me to see a gp and get tested for vitamin deficiency and get an mri for possible nerve damage.

I understand ive only been experiencing my symptoms for not long my im determined to rule out pn as i already feel i may have symptoms which could get worse. I havent undergone any surgery however i feel my possible reasons for getting pn could be from a fall i had a few months ago or weight lifting at the gym

Ive spoken to a few others who have recommended that i get some physical therapy and get my pelvic floors examined

My questions are:

1) do ppl with pn experience any neurological issues?
2) what can i do so prevent my symptoms from getting worse?
3)does pelvic floor dysfunction have the same symptons as pne?

Im really scared and worried a the moment, the ache is constant and my weakness in hands and arms are scary. A lot of people have suffered from years before getting proper help and im so scared i will be in this vicious circle of going from practicioner to practicioner looking for help.

Any support or help would be appreciated xx
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