Entraptment is part of the anatomy of almost all women...

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Entraptment is part of the anatomy of almost all women...

Postby bma » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:22 am

There are many causes for neuropathic pain. An attached nerve to nerve connective tissue may simply be normal. But perhaps surgery to create a better environment than the natural.

"Thirteen female cadavers (26 hemipelvises) were examined. A single pudendal nerve trunk was identified in 61.5% of hemipelvises. The median distance from the point of the pudendal nerve formation to the ischial spine was 27.5 mm (range, 14.5–37 mm). The width of the pudendal nerve in the pelvis was 4.5 mm (range, 2.5–6.3 mm). The length of the pudendal canal was 40.5 mm (range, 20.5–54.5 mm). The inferior rectal nerve was noted to enter the pudendal canal in 42.3% of hemipelvises; in these cases, the nerve exited the canal at a distance of 32.5 mm (range, 16–45 mm) from the ischial spine. In the remaining specimens, the inferior rectal nerve passed behind the sacrospinous ligament and entered the ischioanal fossa without entering the pudendal canal. In all specimens, the pudendal nerve was fixed by connective tissue to the dorsal surface of the sacrospinous ligament."

"Great variability exists in pudendal nerve anatomy. Fixation of the pudendal nerve to the dorsal surface of the sacrospinous ligament is a consistent finding; thus, pudendal neuralgia attributed to nerve entrapment may be overestimated. "

- Blocking done by Dr. Luciano Braun, Brazil
- bLock in piriformis - no response
- Physiotherapy, good response, 50%
- Therapy with low lidocaine infusion, good response .30%
- Surgery? Perhaps. But I'm incredulous.
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Re: Entraptment is part of the anatomy of almost all women..

Postby nyt » Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:17 pm

Thank you for posting this. We had considerable discussion and debate in regards to this paper when it was first published. Below is the link to the thread:

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9/10 Removed left side TOT, botox, re-evaluate obturator nerve - Dr. Hibner
2/11 LFCN and saphenous neuralgia - Dr. Dellon 2/11 MRI with Dr. Potter - confirmed entrapment
5/11 Right side TG - Dr. Hibner 2012 Left side TG - Dr. Hibner
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