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Michael Durtnall

Postby Honda1991 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:55 pm

Hello, I would want to hear if someone had good experience with dr Michael Durtnall of the Sayer Clinic in London. I need physiotherapy because of muscle tension after surgery and I am thinking to him. I read some post on the forum but, sincerely, they seems "strange", written similar by people with o la one or two posts on the forum, so I am glad if someone responds to this post
01/13 cyclist accident
09/13 Diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia
11/14 Botox injections in Obturator muscels and elevator ani muscles with Dr Bautrant- Worse
05/15 Bilateral Tir approach Dr Bautrant- improvement only in anal pain
12/15 Bilateral pubic ramus decompression with Dr Aszmann
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