Ketamine -protocol Nantes France - remembering

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Ketamine -protocol Nantes France - remembering

Postby larry91555 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:04 am

I went back and read the posts related to Ketamine infusions ... was thinking about my experience (the protocol) in Nantes in the early 2000's ... along with the slow/drip 24/7 (for 7 days) Ketamine infusion there were two additional parts ... every few hours there was a secondary drug given to me as a single dose shot ... wish i could remember the name of the drug --- but i can't ... the 3rd part of the protocol in Nantes were targeted injections ... Dr. Bensignor would unhook the IV and drive us to where the machine is that able to zero in for these injections .... again, the drugs used I don't recall ... as i think back to those years i really can never express how wonderful the doctors are in Nantes ... compassionate and caring they really get it in Nantes ... the last time i went to Marseille - it was strictly a matter of volume (still - slow drip IV) pertaining to the Ketamine infusion without additional protocol ... just a few clarification points that for whatever reason came back to me tonight ... hope this info. helps ...
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