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Patient Financial Assistance Application

Click here to download the financial assistance application.
1.  Type in your answers.  (If you make an error in your typing you will need to double click to correct it.)
2. Print out the completed form and sign it.
3. Mail the form along with the supporting documents to the address on the form.

PN Blocks Australia

Nerve block procedure: WHRIA  (Women's Health & Research Institute of Australia)
Prof. Thierry Vancaillie.  Oct. 2011

A study on the 'natural history of pudendal nerve block' which we recently finished (a manuscript has been submitted for publication last month) shows that there is substantial improvement in at least 40% of the patients. And that is after a single injection of anaesthetic alone. This has convinced me to continue improving the injection technique first and then to look into using different substances to improve the outcome.

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