Exercises PNE Patients Should Avoid

Here is a list of exercises that should be avoided by patients who might have PNE. This list was developed by Dr. Stanley Antolak, in Minnesota. 

Squatting, Cycling, Piriformis stretches, Gym work outs, Stair Master, Ellipse, Exercise cycle, Lifting, Bowling, Ab crunches, Leg presses, Pilates, Step aerobics, Yoga, Skiing, Sit-ups, Jogging and Spinning.

There may be more exercises that we have not discussed. Use your best judgement. Usually people with PN, after doing any of the exercises above, will have pain for a few days. One rule of thumb -- if it hurts, stop doing it!

Yoga and Pilates are also mentioned in this list. Some PN'ers have had  flare ups with Yoga and Pilates, primarily due to the stretching that is involved. The stretching will also stretch the pudendal nerve. Yoga seems like a relatively safe exercise, but for people with pudendal nerve entrapment, it is not.

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